Ventilation & Canopies

Kitchen Extraction and Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning

No matter how efficient the kitchen extraction system or your regular kitchen filter cleaning programme, a build up of grease and other flammable substances in the ventilation ductwork can become a significant fire hazard. The effects of any subsequent fire are vast. Despite  the size of your business or property, cleanliness of the extraction system is too important to ignore.

Our comprehensive kitchen ventilation and ducting cleaning service eliminates the risk of hazardous conditions.

Health and Safety at Work Regulations and Fire Regulations require that a risk assessment of the kitchen ventilation and grease extraction system must be undertaken. The results must be acted upon to eliminate or at the very least minimise the risk of fire.

Our kitchen ventilation ductwork cleaning practices comply with HVCA TR/19 Standards. We are increasingly dealing with companies whose insurance company requires evidence that a fire risk assessment has been carried out. Evidence must also be provided to show that the risk assessment has included the kitchen grease extract ventilation system and that a professional kitchen deep cleaning contractor has cleaned the system on an annual basis as a minimum requirement. If you require a risk assessment, for your grease extraction ducting, we can provide a risk assessment at your request.

Our kitchen deep cleaning report and validation certificate are acceptable to environmental health inspections, fire regulations and insurance companies. Due to the potential risks from the build-up of residual grease inside ventilation ducting, access panels should be installed at regular intervals so the ducting interior can be cleaned.